Microsoft Visio training course

EasyPC Training provides Microsoft Visio training courses in Brisbane, Gladstone and Cairns and onsite customised Microsoft Visio courses across Australia, from beginners to advanced.

If you work in HR, or are an electrician, interior designer, architect or landscaper, you can use Microsoft Visio to create flexible, detailed diagrams.

What is Visio for?
Visio floor plan example Visio Gantt chart example Visio calendar example
Floor plans Gantt (project) charts Calendars

Training Course description

Microsoft Visio Essentials
Duration: 1 day
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  • Basic computer experience, including keyboard and mouse skills
  • Familiarity with the Microsoft Windows
  • If you are not familiar with using a computer or Microsoft Windows, a 1 day course, Introduction to computers, will give you the skills to take this course.
  • Built-In Visio Templates
  • Create a Visio Diagram
  • Save a Visio Drawing
  • Close & Open Existing Drawings
  • Change Drawing Views
  • Customise Quick Access Toolbar
  • Basic Diagram
  • Basic Flowchart
  • Organisation Chart
  • Cross-Functional Flowchart
  • Add shapes to a diagram
  • Select Shapes
  • Move Shapes
  • Resize Shapes
  • Format Shapes
  • Connect Shapes
  • Work with Text
  • Format Text
  • Print Drawings
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Visio Advanced Features
Duration: 1 day
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  • Basic knowledge of Visio
  • Experience creating simple drawings such as flow charts
  • Alternatively, completion of Visio Essentials training course
  • Create New Shapes
  • Size and Position Task Pane
  • Pan and Zoom Task Pane
  • Navigation Task Pane
  • Built-in Shape Stencils
  • Custom Shape Stencils
  • Page Setup
  • Layout and Routing
  • Rulers and Gridlines
  • Guides
  • Background Pages
  • Floor Plans
  • Drawing Information
  • Import and Export
  • Organisation Chart Wizard
  • Calendars
  • Gantt Charts
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Included in your computer training course

  • Use of modern computers in air-conditioned training rooms
  • Comprehensive course manual
  • Certificate of completion
  • USB with practice exercises
  • FREE after-course support for your course*
  • FREE refresher course*
  • All day refreshments

*Within 6 months of course date